Why DoodleCAD

DoodleCAD 1.6 has a full set of standard tools for making simple shapes as well as complex curved and straight paths. Path and shape editing in DoodleCAD is simple and intuitive; just a click and drag. Show the exact size of individual parts or line segments with just a few mouse clicks. When you're done, export to standard image formats including PNG, JPEG and PDF or copy just part of the drawing and paste it into your favorite text editor or presentation software.

It doesn't take years of experience to do eye catching art or professional looking engineering and CAD drawings or diagrams. With DoodleCAD it's simple and easy. Download DoodleCAD 1.6 and amaze yourself at what you can do.

DoodleCAD is only available through the Mac App Store. DON'T BUY IT from anywhere else!

DoodleCAD Features


  • Rectangles and Ovals
  • Regular Polygons
  • Smooth or Discontinuous Freeform
  • Lines

Object Geometry

  • Intuitive click-drag control of object position, size and rotation
  • Keyboard entry of position, size and rotation for precise control
  • Full control over line segment and vertex geometry

Path Editing

  • Full vertex level editing
  • Full control of bezier path
  • Can add and delete path points

Stroke & Fill

  • Full control over stroke color, weight, line style, join and end-cap style
  • Solid fill, linear & radial gradient fill, pattern fill and image fill
  • Widgets for line tail and head including squares, circles and arrow heads


  • Full control over dimension line position relative to object
  • Object dimensions as well as line segment and vertex angle dimensions
  • Document level control of dimension line weight, color, arrow head style and font
  • Document scale
  • Drawing origin can be set to anywhere
  • Unit conversion from entered text to objects units
  • Create simple blue prints!


  • Full text formatting
  • Convert text to character shapes

Minimum requirement for DoodleCAD Classic: OS X Mavericks (10.9).

DoodleCAD is a Freemium download with all the features activated. When printing, our DoodleCAD watermark will be applied. To remove the watermark (and support future development of DoodleCAD), buy DoodleCAD using the in-app purchasing tool for only $49.95.